Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thing 14: Reflection on what you've done so far

We're more than halfway through! Well done for everyone who's made it this far.

Reflection image, from
Creative Commons Flickr image by Kevin Dooley

Today's Thing, and the first Thing next week, are a chance to reflect on what you've done so far, and catch-up with anything you've missed. If you joined late or are just having a look at 23 Things now, here's the overview of the programme with links to all the blog posts so far.

For this Thing you can either put your feet up and think about what you've found useful so far, what you haven't, if we've changed your mind about any tools or introduced you to something handy, whether social media just isn't worth the trouble or is something you'll get into more in the future - OR you can do all that and blog about it!

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